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  • Ready to book your bike?
    Create an account and subscribe to our THRIVEcycle emails to be the first to know about collabs, specials and events. Reserve your bike and take advantage of our new rider offers and reserve your bike.
  • Class Prep
    Hydrate. Remember to hydrate before, during and after your ride. Staying hydrated boosts your energy and endurance. Water can be purchased in-studio, or we have a water dispenser for those who bring their own bottles. Eat. We recommend a light snack 30 minutes prior to class or a meal a couple of hours before class. Please avoid riding on an empty stomach. What to wear. We advise wearing form fitting pants, leggings or shorts with a breathable lightweight top. A sweat towel will be provided. Our Schwinn bikes require cycling shoes to clip into the pedals. You can always bring your own SPD cycling shoes or you can always rent ours for $3.
  • Arriving at Thrive
    Arrive early. Please make plans to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your ride. Safety is our top priority and it's important for us to have enough time to show you the ropes, check out our studio and set up your bike. Check in. Once you arrive at the studio, check-in at the front desk to sign in for your ride. Cycling shoe rentals are available for $3 or FREE for your first ride. Our Schwinn AC Performance bikes are SPD cleat compatible. Settle in. We have cubbies for storing your belongings. We ask that you leave your phone in your locker during class. It's good to disconnect sometimes! Bike setup. Feeling good on your bike is so important! Everyone is built a little differently, so everyone's bike set up is a little different. Our team will help you find your unique bike fit. Ride and thrive. We're here for you. Don't be shy, ask ALL the questions! Our THRIVE team is here to help you find your best self, whether that means dancing on the bike, singing your heart out to a banger or pushing your body to the next level. We LOVE it all and want to make your THRIVE ride memorable, each and every time.
  • Booking
    We offer multiple classes, every day. Our schedule goes live 7 days in advance. To book your ride, you will need paid rides on your THRIVEcycle account. Once you book your ride, you can choose which bike you'd like to reserve.
  • Running Late?
    We get it, life happens! If you’re running late for class, give us a call at 406.315.1518 so we can get your bike set up for you. If there is a waitlist for the class, your bike will be given up 3 minutes before class start time Once class starts, riders will not be allowed into class for safety reasons and will be charged a no show fee of $20.
  • Need To Cancel?
    We got you covered! Cancellations can be made 12 hours prior to your scheduled class. For class pack riders, if you cancel your ride prior to the 12-hour cut-off time, your class credit will return to your account for you to use next time. If cancellations are made after the 12-hour cut-off time, class pack riders will lose a class credit and membership riders will be charged a a $15 late fee.
  • Waitlist
    If a class is full, you always have the option of joining our waitlist. The waitlist MOVES! Once you join the waitlist, you are committing to attend class should a bike open up. Once a bike opens up, you will automatically be added to the class and receive an email notifying you that you’re booked. Our waitlist automatically pulls in riders off the waitlist into the class up to 20 minutes before start time. Please treat the waitlist as if you are enrolled in the class. If you are added to the class from the waitlist and do not show up, a $20 no show fee will apply.
  • No Show
    If life gets crazy and you do not show up for you scheduled class, a $20 no show fee will apply.

Ready to Book Your Ride?

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