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Meet Jennifer! 

Jennifer is owner, founder and chief instructor at THRIVEcycle. Her passion for people and community is second to none and exactly how THRIVEcycle came to be. Jennifer was born in California, raised in Texas and dropped anchor in Montana with her husband and three wild kids. She believes in the undeniable power of movement and connection that’s created in the studio. You’re promised an unforgettable sweat session filled with good vibes, fire beats and unmatched energy.

Favorite thing about Great Falls?

The people, the sunsets and the coffee shops!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My riders! ♥

Reason for clipping in?


What music will I hear in your class? 

Anything and everything that makes you want to M O V E.

Go to pre-workout snack?

Cold brew coffee with a protein bar...and peanut M&Ms!

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