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Meet Hailey! 

Hailey is a new cycling instructor, born in Great Falls but has lived throughout Montana and Michigan. She graduated from the University of Montana in 2022 and is working in the field of psychology. Her love for cycling blossomed during her ACL reconstruction recovery. The idea of cycling with others and being surrounded by those who share the same passion is what brought Hailey to THRIVEcycle. She walked through THRIVE's front doors, and the rest is history! 

Favorite thing about Great Falls?

The friends I've made and the simple, thoughtful life I've created here!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Myself, my friends and my family. 

Reason for clipping in?

I leave every class feeling stronger and more powerful.

What music will I hear in your class? 

Pop, R&B, rap, alternative & everything in between. Shout out to Taylor Swift for being Top Artist of 2023!

Go to pre-workout snack?

Protein bar, banana and pre-workout!

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